Player Achievements

The Wanderers are well known for their elite player development pathway. Many players begin with the Wanderers then move into  N.S.W youth leagues structure.

South West Wanderers Players selected to play in Under 9′s World Soccer Schools Touring team in England

Braydon Warters,Akiel Raffi and Joel Bertolissio will be flying the SWWFC flag in England when they represent World Soccer Schools against some of the best English Clubs including Manchester City and Everton. Director of Coaching Nick Dimovski said “this is a huge acheivement for our boys so young and all coaching staff and committee at the wanderers club are proud of their acheivements. We are always encouraging our players to achieve great there goals in football”.

The club is proud to have developed and nurtured the following players:

Player achievements 2013

  • U12s Nicholas Hogburg , Wanderers to Macarthur Rams PYL
  • U12s Jack Herdman , Wanderers to Bansktown City Lions PYL
  • U12s Justin Chan Frias , Wanderers to Marconi Stallions PYL
  • U12s Akiel Raffie, Wanderers to Blackburn Rovers (England) – Professional Football Club
  • U12s Joel Bertolissio , Wanderers to St George FC – PYL
  • U12s Josh Dengate , Wanderers to Bankstown Berries- PYL
  • U12s Nouradhine Bahmad , Wanderers to Bankstown City Lions- PYL
  • U12s Vaneet Mesuria ,Wanderers to Macarthur Rams – PYL
  • U12s  Wanderers to St George FC – PYL
  • U13s Kye Tuckell, Wanderers to Bonnyrigg White Eagles – PYL
  • U13s Ethan Ollis , Wanderers to Sydney Berries – Elite Two Premier Youth League
  • U13’s Terry Zervas, Wanderers to Fraser Park- Elite Two Youth League
  • U13’s Nathan Manno, Wanderers to Blacktown Spartans, Elite One Youth League
  • U14’s, Franco Maya Valiente, Wanderers to Marconi Stallions- Elite One Youth League
  • U20’s Liam Storkey , Wanderers to Tigers – Elite 1 State League
  • U17’s Peter Petinos , Wanderers to Tigers- Elite 1 State League
  • U17’s Nic Maree Louise, Wanderers to Tigers – Elite 1 State League
  • U17’s Bailey Simpson, Wanderers to Tigers(20’s)- Elite 1 State League


    Player achievements 2014

    Vinet Mesuria
    Julian Gregorace
    Bailey Wheeler
    William Potts
    Jezdacus Ruka
    Baden Miller
    Antonio Glavan
    Christian Gregorace
    Ryan Nguyen
    Jayden Matos
    Youssef Ahmad
    Tommy Hrisikovski


    Player achievements 2015

    Aaron Green
    Christian Jokevski
    Marcus Nacovski
    Lincoln Vella
    Joseph Lavarato
    Anthony Curtale
    Tarik Messa
    Coby Holland
    Aydin Mustafa
    Issac Gasson
    Valentino Romanelli
    Noah Campbell
    Marcus Field
    Kane Osgood
    James Beck
    Jay Tram
    Will Miranda
    Kareem Soulamin
    Matthew Stosic
    Nathan Cakovski
    Jackson Morrissey
    Aaron Herandez


    Player achievements from 2016

    Ali Alafacial
    Ryan Buttegige
    Johnathon veljanovski
    Adam Mohammed
    Harry Lagander
    Lucas Longo
    Kaan Kadir
    Max Dawson
    Lucas Quatami
    Marco Kurtovic
    Richard Nkomo
    Stefan Markovski
    Jet Jefferies
    Oliver Tannos
    Billy Sdrolias
    Ricky Hanna
    Dylan Hanna
    Harrison Curl
    Braydon Davies
    James Kasovski
    Chris Kasovski