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South West Wanderers Football Club 2019 Code of Conduct for Players and Parents

South West Wanderers Players must demonstrate the desire, determination, discipline and dedication to become a committed and competent soccer player. This code of conduct sets the ethical and behavioural standards expected of all players and parents affiliated with South West Wanderers.


  •   Players are to arrive to all training sessions at least 15 minutes prior to commencement.
  •   Players are expected to attend all training sessions, games and gala days even when injured.
  •   If a player is unable to attend:

o A training session an SMS or phone call must be advised to the Team Manager;

o A game, a phone call must be made to the Team Manager.

  •   If a player misses two consecutive training sessions through illness, a doctor’s certificate must be provided to theTeam Manager. Players will not be permitted to play a game without a doctor’s certificate.
  •   If a player misses three or more training sessions for no particular reason the player shall be dismissed from SouthWest Wanderers teams effective immediately.
  •   If a player is going away on holidays the Team Manager must be notified 2 weeks prior to departure.
  •   Training sessions will held every Monday and Wednesday at nominated times at Phillips Park, 66 Hill Road, LURNEANSW 2170.
  •   Contact your Team Manager at least 2 hours before schedule training/games if:
    1. a)  It is raining heavy to confirm the grounds are open;
    2. b)  The player is unable to attend for any other reason.

    Please check our website for regular updates and information; including field status – open or closed.


    •   YOUTH 8s to 13s – Wear SWWFC Jacket (if cold), SWWFC polo shirt, clean and tidy black dress trousers, black polished shoes) and playing gear placed in their SWWFC bag ready for dress change at game field location.
    •   JUNIORS 5s to 7s – Wear SWWFC tracksuit, SWWFC polo shirt and playing gear placed in their SWWFC bag ready for dress change at game field location.
    •   All players must arrive at least 45 minutes prior to game kick off juniors. Youth must be 60mins prior.
    •   Ensure socks remain pulled up and jerseys tucked into shorts before, during and after all training sessions, gamesand gala days.
    •   All players must wear shin guards during all training sessions, games and gala days.
    •   All games, times and field locations can be viewed on or PARENTS
      •   Parents will not be allowed to coach their child from the sideline during training sessions, games or gala days.
      •   SWWFC will not tolerate any parents /spectators speaking to an opposition player, supporter, coach and or refereein a negative manner, either before, during or after a game.
      •   As per SDSFA regulations, parents/spectators must watch games in a group not spread around the field.

South West Wanderers FC
Code of Conduct Form 2018 – Players and Parents

  •   Parents must abide by FFA and SDSFA Code of Conduct for Parents and Supporters, a copy of this can be found on SDSFA website –
  •   All parents will be asked to assist in the canteen on home game days and/or training nights on a roster system.
  •   Any player registrations fee’s that remain outstanding will result in your child not receiving playing kit and beenstood down until the fee’s are paid.COMPLAINTS HANDLING
  •   An allegation that a member has breached this Code of Conduct (‘complaint’) must be made in writing to attention Nick Dimovski.
  •   Under no circumstances is a parent allowed to approach any coaches of South West Wanderers Football Club with a complaint.
  •   A complaint must:
    1. a)  Be in writing
    2. b)  Specify which section of this Code of Conduct is alleged to have been breached and contain particulars of the alleged breach; and
    3. c)  Include any available supporting material.



A complete copy of the Code of Conduct can be downloaded here.