NEW PLAYERS Trials for 2015 Season 


 Sunday 18th January

2pm  –   age groups – 5s 6s 7s

                                         3pm –  age groups – 8s 9s 10s

                                         4pm –  age groups – 11s 12s 13s

5pm- age groups – 14s 15s 16s

 Wednesday 21st January

5.30pm – age groups 5s 6s 7s

                                                  6.30pm – age groups 8s 9s 10s

                                                   7.30pm – age groups 11s 12s 13s

8.30pm – age groups 14s 15s 16s

“2015 Gear Sponsor Announced”

We are proud to announce our new gear supplier in 2015 is Legea. All players next season will have names printed on playing shirts accompanied with Legea apparel and training gear. Merchandise gear will also be available for spectators in early 2015.

South West Wanderers 2015 Gear (2)